Welcome To The Community

Welcome To The Community

The welcome packet containing free gifts is the best way to capitalize on the proven tendencies of new residents.  Studies prove that new residents will develop new purchasing habits. In some cases the numbers can be staggering. Greeting a new resident with free gifts is the simplest and most cost effective approach to gaining access to this revenue. Like the welcome letter states; It’s a throwback to a time when a community would pull together to make a new resident feel welcome. The approach of the community survey program is no different, however, the process is modernized and streamlined. A new resident could potentially live within the serviceable area of a local business for years without ever stepping foot into that business. Offering a free product or service certainly goes a long way to bridging that gap.

Marketing With A Purpose

Many small businesses in America get sucked into advertising vortex. Many business owners feel that you’ve got to spend more to make more. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the best and most lucrative approach is to begin marketing with a purpose. The idea of our program is that new residents are already consciously developing new buying habits from local area stores, restaurants and service providers. The intention is to offer them an incentive to check out your business and to do so at an extremely affordable rate.  The real value lies in the gift that a particular business offers the new resident.  Furthermore, targeting the local serviceable area of a business is just plain intelligent. Studies show that the average resident will spend 5-6 years in their home. Offering a new resident a reason to visit your establishment is worth more than the money spent to get them there. What would one new customer mean to your business in the 5-6 years they will live in your serviceable area? Creating new long term customers is a desire of all business owners.  Community Survey has been making these connections for over 50 years.

Posted on September 5, 2018 in General

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