The $2,200 Haircut

Hairdressers!!! Discover how one free hair care service could net you $2,200/year!!!!


Appearance Related Spending

Recent research shows that Americans spend, on average, $200,000 in a lifetime on appearance related purchases.  In 2018, the global hair care market is estimated to be worth
about USD 87.73 billion U.S. dollars. Continued growth in the hair care market proves to be invigorating and showing no signs of slowing in the future.  Consumers, manufacturers and product developers are growing mindful of maintaining healthy scalp, hair stylings and coloring of hair. Revenue of beauty salons in the U.S. from 2012-2018 is toppling $5.16 Billion per year.

The $2,200 Haircut

One local area hairdresser, determined to fill the gaps in clientele, began to offer new residents in the area one free haircut and styling. New residents will develop new purchasing habits and among those new residents, purchasing women will pursue a new salon as a top priority.  The hairdresser soon realized that her clientele had yearly salon spending habits of up to $2,200 per household. Nearly 3 million people in America move every single day. There is a realization that adding 4 new clients per year could potentially increase salon revenue by nearly $10,000 per year. Additionally, new residents offer great opportunities to continuously replace clientele that has moved on.

Everyday, local area hairdresser’s are discovering the philosophy if the $2,200 haircut and how in offering new residents one free service they are able to build a relationship with the potential clientele. Ultimately developing a continuously growing revenue stream based solely on new residents. Consider what one free service could be worth to you and your business.

Posted on September 5, 2018 in General

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